February 8th, 2024

Stiles, NDP laser-focused on solutions to housing, health care, cost of living in upcoming legislative session

QUEEN’S PARK – Marit Stiles, Leader of Ontario’s Official Opposition NDP, will spend the first legislative session of the year laser-focused on practical and hopeful solutions to the issues front and centre for Ontarians: health care, housing and the rising cost of living.

“After five years under Doug Ford, people are feeling the pain of the Conservatives’ failures on housing, health care and cost of living,” said Stiles. “Rents and mortgages have never been so expensive. Grocery costs are out of control. And people are left waiting for the health care they need.”

With the provincial legislature set to resume on Feb. 20, Stiles gathered her caucus to discuss how to deliver concrete, meaningful support on the issues most impacting the people of Ontario. The caucus will introduce tangible solutions through legislation and will continue to hold the Ford government accountable for its corrupt backroom deals.

“Ford and his Conservatives are under criminal investigation by the RCMP and too mired in scandal to offer people help. Ontario deserves better than that – and we will use every tool we have to make life easier for people and give them hope for the future they deserve.”